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How to Register 
Please fill out a registration form, then do one of the following:

Designated Registration Points (deliver your payment here):
  • TMFunstival HQ: Mouth House, 2858 California Street in Denver's beautiful Five Points neighborhood. Cash or check made out to Sam Tallent or Chris Charpentier. 
  • Monday: Lion's Lair (2022 East Colfax) @ 9:45 PM.  Talk to Sam Tallent or Roger Norquist.
  • Tuesday: The Squire Lounge (1800 East Colfax) @ 11 PM Talk to Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund, Bobby Crane or Kevin O'Brien 
  • Wednesday: Rockaway Tavern (2036 Broadway) @ 10 PM Talk to Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund, Bobby Crane or Chris Charpentier 
  • Thursday: El Charrito (2100 Larimer) @ 10 PM Talk to Nathan Balding or Nick Gossert
  • Sunday: Kingas (1509 Marion) @ 8 PM Talk to Nathan Balding or Jordan Doll
Online Registration: Submit an online registration form and $150 digital dollars to the TMFunstival Paypal account. (This might be your preferred option, but Paypal takes a minute percentage of every transaction for both of us, and that's just money we can't spend on  cotton candy machines and fire breathers. If you can, please register in person to maximize the potential of the event!)

Registration Options
What's Your Team Name?

Too Much Funstival is not your typical festival (there will be no $10 bottles of water; Nokia won't be presenting 3OH!3; drinking beer with the band will be the norm, not a privilege). And in the spirit of keeping it weird, TMFunstival is a team based event. That's right, you and four of your pals laughing at Denver's best comedy, dancing to Denver's best music, drinking Denver's best beer while playing dodgeball in Denver's best parks (sound fun? It will be...for four days!) You'll make new pals while partying with old friends.Yahtzee! 

Teams of five will play rad games like kickball and capture the flag and there will be chances to score points at all the shows and after parties. While you're having fun, we will track your scores, and Sunday night lavish awards and magnificent prizes will be given to the winning teams at the sumptuous closing night gala. Not competitive? Don't worry: the main point is having an awesome time, not getting high scores, and it's not a big deal if all teammates aren't present to all events (but that is encouraged, so tell your boss you need the weekend off).

The team aspect also helps us keep the price down. Each team of 5 will pay $150 ($30 per team mate). That gains access to all TMF events, including four nights of shows, the Adult Field Day with free keg beer and all the after parties you can handle. We are doing our best to provide the "Funstival" part of the "Too Much Funstival" equation, and every dollar you pay goes towards purchasing the "Too Much".

Lone Wolves
If you would rather just sign upon your own and let us put you on a team of cool, new friends, that's A-OK! Please follow the same steps as above, but insert all instances of "$150" with "$35" ($25+$10 Registration fee for Lone Wolves=$35). Sorry to have to gouge you the extra $5, Lone Wolves, but we have to do a bit more work for yall. It doesn't mean we love you any less!

ALSO: If you have a friend who is in town for one day, or you have to go fight fires in Tulsa and can't make it to all the events, you can buy a one day pass for $15 dollars at the door of each show. However, THERE WILL BE NO ONE DAY PASSES AVAILABLE FOR SATURDAY'S ADULT FIELD DAY! So much planning is going into figuring out these events, and the TMFunstival committee wants to party as much as you do, so we won't be spending our Saturday morning signing-up late additions to the Field Day events. So please, just get some time off work and get on a team (or we can put you on one)! You deserve to have not just some fun, but too much fun-so schedule some YOU Time. You earned it!