Thursday, June 30, 2011


Denver is hosting a radical four day party this fall, and you and a team of your four best friends are invited to partake in the revelry! T-shirts will be made, beers will be drank, comedy and music shows featuring Denver's best will be attended, dodgeball's will be thrown, kickballs will be kicked, friends will be made, food will be delicious, flags will be captured, comic books will be exchanged, water balloons will be exploded, free films will be screened, kisses will be smooched, castles will be bounced and fun will be all that matters. The winning teams will receive fantastic prizes that will lead to jealousy from the losers, and everyone involved will leave with a Goddamn memory!

We (The Fine Gentleman's Club with aid from ZetaKaye House/Grawlix/Mouth House/Rhinoceropolis/IStole Your Baby/the greater Denver creative community) are currently raising money via donations at live shows, and planning fundraisers (dance party's/bikini carwash/Greg Baumhauer in a dunk tank/date auction) for the summer. Please hang out at our facebook and tell your friends. Start getting your teams together, as registration is eminent. Until then, start practicing your three legged racing and prepare to have way too much fun.

WANT TO PERFORM? Hell yes! We want you to too!

Email TooMuchFunstival at gmail dot com with your act's name in the subject line and let's get wicked!!!